Clean your French Drain or Septic Tank

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  • Does you garden look like a sludge pit?
  • Is the stench from your septic tank getting unbearable?
  • Need gum boots to take a walk in your garden?
  • Do you live in the KZN Midlands?

Then you’ve found the right team to sort out your drainage problems.

The septic tank services industry has a dirty little secret …

They generally don’t have public liability insurance in place.

Why is this important?

Suction-pipe-300x156You call in another septic tank cleaning services company or the local municipality. Their truck flattens your gates, boundary wall or park on your french drain or septic tank. You ask them to repair or replace, and they don’t have any insurance in place to fix. Now you have to fight to get it fixed.

When you use us, there is our basic undertaking, just for your peace of mind …

Should there be any unforeseen circumstance or accident, which is a direct result of our actions, negligent or not, we have the necessary insurance in place to sort out the problem.
We’ve never had a claim, but it’s there.

You’re covered! Simple.

Call us on 082 337 2049 now and we’ll sort your mess out – without leaving your place in a mess.