Install septic tank, French Drain, or soak away field

Hammering-300x300Is your sewerage system playing up?

Call us to:

  • repair your septic tank, soak-away, French drain or drain-field
  • install a new septic tank
  • install a new French drain soak pit and soak away

When it comes to sewerage, you need it to work, not sludge up on you.

Most general builders will offer to install a soak pit. But what they don’t tell you is that it’s just a cheap way for them to dump their building rubble. So what they do is dig a hole, lay a drain pipe towards it, fill the hole with rubble and close it up. Job done.

But as time passes, this quick and dirty approach becomes your problem. As the soak pit starts to stink and bog up, you get those unpleasant calls from the neighbours. Something you don’t want.

A well functioning sewerage system needs to be properly designed and constructed.

Sewerage systems are our business. That’s what we do. We have the equipment, knowledge and experience.

Then of course there is our basic undertaking, just for your peace of mind …

Should there be any unforeseen circumstance or accident, which is a direct result of our actions, negligent or not, we have the necessary insurance in place to sort out the problem. We’ve never had a claim, but it’s there.

Here is a great presentation on septic tank systems:

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • repair or install septic tank
  • locate your septic tank or French drain
  • repair or install septic tank riser
  • repair or install septic tank drain lines
  • repair or install septic tank system
  • repair or install septic tank drainfield

Call us today on 082 337 2049 to get an idea of what it’ll cost or for a quotation, or simply fill in you details below and we’ll get hold of you.