Locate your French Drain or Septic Tank drain pipes


  • Just bought a new property?
  • Drain keep getting blocked and can’t figure out where the problem is?
  • Need to do a few building renovations and don’t have any plans for the drainage system?

Nature can really hide things well. We’re experts at finding them.

Let us find your septic tank or drain and the pipes that lead to it.

Without simply digging up your whole garden.

Worried about something going wrong and you being left to foot the bill?

Should there be any unforeseen circumstance or accident, which is a direct result of our actions, negligent or not, we have the necessary insurance in place to sort out the problem. We’ve never had a claim, but it’s there.

Call us today for a quote on 082 337 2049 or simply fill in your details below and we’ll get hold of you.